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Accialini Training & Consulting aims to help organizations in the developing and manufacturing of mechanical transmissions.

Pushed by a strong passion and supported by several years of experience in the aerospace business, our goal is to develop and produce the best mechanical transmission according to customer needs.

How can we help you?

New Product Introduction

The manufacturing of Mechanical Transmissions is a complex topic and requires special and complex skills. Indeed, their development involves several steps, from concept and design to machining, heat treatments, inspection methods and more.

We help your team in the following steps:

Concurrent Engineering is a systematic approach to the integrated, concurrent design of products and their related processes, including manufacturing and support. This approach is intended to cause the developers, from very outset, to consider all elements of the product life cycle, from conception to disposal, including quality cost, schedule, and user requirements. In this phase, potential capability gaps must be also investigate.

Concurrent Engineering may have a huge impact on production costs, compared to a more traditional approach.

The Method of Manufacturing implies the definition of the entire processing route, from raw material to final inspection, including, but not limited to:

  • shape at each process stage;
  • machine selection;
  • tools & fixture definition;
  • inspection method;
  • work instruction;
  • stack up analysis.

A Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA) is a structured analytical tool used by an organization, business unit, or cross-functional team to identify and evaluate the potential failures of a process. This document it is normally required by suppliers especially when a PPAP approach is applied. However, PFMEA is a very powerful tool to prevent criticalities within a manufacturing process.

The definition of Tools & Fixtures can be considered a “process inside the process”. Indeed, in some cases it is really necessary to develop new solutions to fulfill requirements, including feasibility, delivery time and cost. ATC has gained several years of experience in the design and implementation of tools & fixtures in the gear manufacturing business. Therefore, ATC is capable to support the T&F team to identify the most appropriate solution.

Manufacturing Capability Management

Manufacturing Capability (MC) refers to the technical and physical limitations of a manufacturing firm and each of its plants. Three categories of capability include:

  • technological processing capability
  • production capacity
  • physical size and weight

We help organizations to assess their current capability and to identify the best strategy for improvement, which means:

  • improve the existing capability: if your technology is mature enough according to design and process requirements, this is the best and  solution to adopt; 
  • develop a new capability: if you are developing innovative products or you want to introduce a step change in your current process, you probably need to develop a new capability.

For additional info, please visit our Manufacturing Capability Management service.

Business Development

Due to our broad knowledge of the gear industry and market, we are able to support your organization in its business development process in several ways:

By expanding your international network
By entering new markets
By increasing your customer portfolio
By finding out new financial and investment opportunities


We offer a Training Program to provide the proper knowledge to professionals working in the gear manufacturing business. Indeed, it is fundamental that all employees have an overall understanding of the manufacturing processes, which heavily impact on final costs, time to market, product quality and deliveries.

Our Training Program has been developed according the following framework:

Basics of Gear Theory
Basics of Gear Manufacturing
The Gear Manufacturing Process
Gear Cutting Process
Heat Treats on Gears
Gear Finishing Process
Other Processes
Gear Inspection

We can offer different options for you:

Virtual Class

Face to face

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I had the pleasure of attending some of his valuable courses. Technically very capable and excellent dialectic and interlocutory ability.
Industry innovations and the latest in technology are his strong point.

Giovanni Veronese
CEO, Studio Tecnico Sistemi S.r.l.

Nicola was super engaging, very clear, always open to debate and willing to accept different points of view. Very helpful even outside the course hours for doubts. Positive experience. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Katia Gaspari
CAD Designer, SDM tooling S.r.l.

Extremely interesting course performed by a competent and professional speaker ready for any answer for doubts and perplexities

Alberto Dalmasso
CAD Designer, SDM tooling S.r.l.

Nicola is a very experienced manufacturing engineer, especially on gears. He adopted ideas from the big, trending themes like Industry 4.0, big data and automation and turned them into pragmatic solutions.

Tim Sowa
Capability Acquisition Leader, Aerospace Transmission Technologies