Management 4.0

management 4.0

Who Managers 4.0 are

Managers 4.0 are figures able to manage people, processes, projects and technologies on the disruptive wave of digital transformation, or Industry 4.0.

Today more than ever, companies need to adapt as quickly and painlessly as possible to the cultural and technological changes that society is facing.

Flexibility, sustainability, productivity, resilience, internationalization, complexity, digitalization … these are just some keywords that the new managers of the future will have to keep in mind to manage companies in an increasingly competitive and global ecosystem.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) identifies 6 specific areas of change that managers will have to respond to in the future:

Technology transformed

How will the manager’s role change according to the new technology available?

Patterns of work transformed

employee expectations are changing

Business transformed

How can we adapt to the new business models that new technologies make available to us today?

Society transformed

What new challenges related to smart working and globalization?

Lifelong learning transformed

The reskilling of people will become more and more important. How to deal with it?

Leadership transformed

What skills will tomorrow’s leaders need? What new leadership styles will evolve?

What support do we offer?

Accialini Training & Consulting is able to offer you a Temporary Manager for adequate support in managing change and new challenges within your organizational structure.

The approach used is extremely concrete and is based on the following fundamental aspects:

At the base of any change initiative aimed at improving company performance and greater satisfaction of work teams, there is always a Leadership Guide. Thanks to our coach with experience in neuroscience, we help you develop leadership by improving 7 core skills.

Lifelong learning helps the company and its teams to stay updated on new business trends and methodologies to keep up with the competition. We provide specific training sessions focused on technology management, development of Smart Factories, data collection and analysis (Six Sigma) and much more.

Innovation represents one of the founding elements of a 4.0 company. We help you implement a structured and effective Innovation Management System based on ISO 56002, customizing it based on your business context.

We provide support with technology management through the identification of the 4.0 solutions with the highest economic multiplier within the company context and the support for the planning and implementation of a strategic roadmap of specific pilot projects.

Innovative products require increasingly capable and often innovative technologies and production processes. We help you to manage your manufacturing capability and to implement new solutions through an effective and structured approach.

Companies increasingly find themselves managing decentralized, multidisciplinary and often multicultural teams. We help you effectively manage your virtual teams, using the most suitable tools and methodologies.

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If you think that a Manager 4.0 is what you need, contact us to discuss your needs more in detail.

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I had the pleasure of attending some of his valuable courses. Technically very capable and excellent dialectic and interlocutory ability.
Industry innovations and the latest in technology are his strong point.

Giovanni Veronese
CEO, Studio Tecnico Sistemi S.r.l.

Nicola was super engaging, very clear, always open to debate and willing to accept different points of view. Very helpful even outside the course hours for doubts. Positive experience. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Katia Gaspari
CAD Designer, SDM tooling S.r.l.

Extremely interesting course performed by a competent and professional speaker ready for any answer for doubts and perplexities

Alberto Dalmasso
CAD Designer, SDM tooling S.r.l.

Nicola is a very experienced manufacturing engineer, especially on gears. He adopted ideas from the big, trending themes like Industry 4.0, big data and automation and turned them into pragmatic solutions.

Tim Sowa
Capability Acquisition Leader, Aerospace Transmission Technologies