Logistics 4.0

logistics 4.0

Factory logistics has always been a fundamental discipline from various points of view. In fact, good management of production flows offers several advantages, including the reduction:

  • of WIP, therefore better control of semi-finished products and assembly phases
  • of management resources
  • of transportation costs between different workstations
  • of process times

PULL systems, for example, require the exchange of information at all levels and the transport of goods to be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to work.

What is Logistics 4.0?

Hence the concept of Logistics 4.0. Logistics 4.0 means the management of production flows with the help of technological solutions, mostly digital. In this sense, we can divide 3 fundamental areas of activity:

essential for collecting and processing real-time information on the status of products and semi-finished goods

Decisions must be made based on the data collected and decide, for example, when to launch a production batch based on demand.

It is necessary to implement transport systems, manual, automatic or autonomous, capable of transporting the batches in the different stages of processing quickly and efficiently.

What technologies?


  • RTLS Systems
  • MES and ERP Systems
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) and wearables

Decision Making

  • Process flow simulation
  • eKanban
  • Real-Time Data Analysis System

Sistemas de transporte

  • AGV
  • Conveyors
  • Smart Systems
  • Forklifts

What support?

Accialini Training & Consulting is able to offer you the right support to optimize production flows within your site through Logistics 4.0.

The approach used is extremely concrete and is based on the following phases:

Visit to the plant and collection of requirements: this allows us to specifically analyze the client’s requests.

Identification of technologies and prior planning: based on the visit and the client’s requests, the most appropriate technologies are identified to optimize flows with a structured technology scouting methodology

Detailed planning of the solutions and technologies to be implemented: partners are identified and detailed times and costs are estimated

Implementation of pilot projects: for each solution, a small-scale pilot project is launched and the debugging phase is carried out.

Large-scale implementation: once the validity of the identified solution has been verified, the solution is extended to a larger scale.

Industry 4.0

Smart Solutions

Logistics 4.0 exploits the trend of Industry 4.0, the innovation of technology, by the digital platform, which has created the goal of creating a product system that is flexible and highly productive.

Accialini Training & Consulting offers specific services on this broad subject, from training in different formats to specific consulting for the implementation of pilot projects in different fields.

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I had the pleasure of attending some of his valuable courses. Technically very capable and excellent dialectic and interlocutory ability.
Industry innovations and the latest in technology are his strong point.

Giovanni Veronese
CEO, Studio Tecnico Sistemi S.r.l.

Nicola was super engaging, very clear, always open to debate and willing to accept different points of view. Very helpful even outside the course hours for doubts. Positive experience. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Katia Gaspari
CAD Designer, SDM tooling S.r.l.

Extremely interesting course performed by a competent and professional speaker ready for any answer for doubts and perplexities

Alberto Dalmasso
CAD Designer, SDM tooling S.r.l.