Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Lean Six Sigma Whte Belt

Why a Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification?

“Without a standard, there is no rationale for making decisions or taking action”

Joseph M. Juran, engineer and Quality Management Consultant

Who is it for?

A Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification provides the practitioner with a basic understanding of Six Sigma fundamentals and their application and is recommended to any employee of a company where Six Sigma methodology is applied. Although the White Belt is not an active part of a Six Sigma project, the entire organization benefits from their employees’ knowledge of the key tools and concepts of Six Sigma methodologies.

What you will learn

  • The basic foundations of the Lean Six Sigma methodology

Course contents

Below is the Body of Knowledge for the White Belt certification:

  • Basics of Six Sigma
    • General History of Six Sigma and Quality Management
    • Meanings of Six Sigma


  • Basics of Lean
    • History of Lean
    • The 7 wastes
    • Make the value flow


  • The Lean Six Sigma approach
    • When utilizing Six Sigma and when Lean
    • The problem solving strategy Y = f(x)
    • DMAIC and DMADV approaches
    • Roles and responsibility in a Lean Six Sigma Organization
  • The voice of the customer (VOC)
    • Collecting customer’s expectations
  • Defining the process
    • Preliminary process mapping
    • Building a flowchart


  • Understanding Quality
    • Critical to Quality Characteristics (CTQ’s)
    • Costs of Poor Quality (COPQ)


  • Defining the problem
    • Problem Statement


  • Basic Lean Six Sigma metrics
    • Process Performance

Course information

On site

At the customer site




8h, or 1 day

Final Test

30 min, 30 questions


The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course can be delivered in different formats:

  • Face-to-face, at the client
  • Online, through a mix of webinars and remote exercises

We think that the online mode has several advantages from the point of view of costs and flexibility and is therefore especially recommended for corporate training groups.

Training Material

The teacher will provide students with the slides necessary for learning the theoretical part. In addition, he will provide a manual as additional support material.

For the entire duration of the course, the teacher is available to answer any questions or doubts via email, or by setting up a short videoconference with the student.


The course has a total duration of 8h (or 1 full-time day)

Test methods

The exam can take place in written form (face-to-face) or in digital format (online) by accessing a dedicated platform. The student will have to answer a series of 30 questions in a time limit of 30 minutes. To pass the exam, the student must correctly answer at least 70% of the questions.

The student can use his own calculator.


Costs vary by format (face-to-face or online) and by groups. We also provide individual courses upon request.

To find out the costs, contact us via email at [email protected] 


The Council for Six Sigma Certification

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