Agile Manufacturing Assessment

The Agile Manufacturing Assessment is designed to help companies assess the ability of their production systems to adapt quickly and resiliently to the increasingly volatile internal and external conditions in which the company operates. 

Benefits of agile production systems

Agile Manufacturing brings some clear benefits:

  • the ability to develop new products in less time and with minimal impact on the existing production system
  • a greater resilience, i.e. a reduced impact with respect to greater unpredictability of demand, i.e. sudden drops in production
  • greater reactivity in production capacity, e.g. due to a sudden increase in production orders
  • greater overall efficiency of the production system
  • a greater innovative drive towards the implementation of new technological solutions
  • a higher quality of production processes
  • greater satisfaction on the part of employees, who are more involved in the company’s decision-making processes
  • greater satisfaction on the part of customers, as a result of an improved level of service produced

How it works

The assessment involves a Genba Walk, i.e. a visit to the customer’s production site with the aim of assessing the level of implementation of 50 points on a scale of 1 to 5. The points under examination involve the 4 pillars of Agile Manufacturing, plus a series of organisational assessments of business agility.

Management 4.0

1 - Business agility

Management aspects such as strategy, communication, working methods and knowledge management are evaluated  

innovation and technology

2 - Innovation & Technology

The ability to manage and implement innovative and technological solutions in production is assessed  

pilot projects rocket

3 - Flexibility & Modularity

The ability to develop modular and flexible product development and production process systems is assessed

Lean and Operational Excellence

4 - Operational Excellence

The level of implementation of Lean solutions (including supply chain) and process improvement is assessed

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

5 - Digital Transformation

The level of implementation of digital solutions to enable production agility is assessed

The assessment will be conducted by one of our professionals, or it can be conducted by your own in-house staff. Accialini Consulting will provide support in terms of methodology and the material required for a correct assessment.

Expected results

The output of the assessment consists of a detailed report in which the strengths and weaknesses of the company in terms of agility will be highlighted.

These points will be discussed together with the company management. On the basis of this, an agile roadmap will be recommended and shared, involving the implementation of a series of organisational, training, methodological and technological interventions (pilot projects).

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