Pilot Projects

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Pilot projects are a mini-version of a project that tests the viability of executing the project at full scale. Before diving head-on into a new, untested solution, a pilot study can help to determine whether the project is likely to succeed. Additionally, pilot projects help manage risk and reveal serious deficiencies or flaws in the plan before substantial resources have been committed to the project. 

An essential characteristic of Pilot Projects is that they are scalable, which means that once their benefits have been proofed, they can be widely extended to different areas of your organizations.

Therefore, they are the most viable solution to introduce new technologies as Proof of Concept and Risk Management Tool.

Dealing with Industry 4.0 solutions, Accialini Training & Consulting is able to identify, plan and implement a series of Pilot Projects to boost your factory performance.

Below you can see some of the Pilot Projects we can implement in your organization in collaboration with our Partners (Industry 4.0 Network)

Additive Fixtures

How to exploit the best from Additive Manufacturing capability?


Tracking your asset in real time can provide you several benefits

IT Integration

Make your data flow seamlessly with ERP, MES and PLM solutions

Real-time Data Analysis

Implement AI for Real-Time decision making and to optimize your capability

Digital Twin

Digital Twins can boost your productivity and enhance flexibility at the same time 

Set up time reduction

Predictive Maintenance

Use AI to optimize your maintenance strategy  

Remote Assistance

Exploit the benefits of AR and headset devices to assist personnel remotely

Process Simulation

Optimize your KPI and reduce risks during commissioning

Virtual Training

Virtual Reality can reduce the learning curve significantly

Digital WI

Use smart devices to implement and visualize Work Instructions

Data Collection

Gather Data from your Production Asset

Autonomous Robots

Select the Cobots and AGVs that best fit to your application 

... and more!

Contact us to discover new opportunities!

If you want to innovate your Manufacturing Systems and you need support in the identification, planification and implementation of Pilot Projects, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultancy.

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Nicola was super engaging, very clear, always open to debate and willing to accept different points of view. Very helpful even outside the course hours for doubts. Positive experience. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Katia Gaspari
CAD Designer, SDM tooling S.r.l.

Extremely interesting course performed by a competent and professional speaker ready for any answer for doubts and perplexities

Alberto Dalmasso
CAD Designer, SDM tooling S.r.l.

Nicola is a very experienced manufacturing engineer, especially on gears. He adopted ideas from the big, trending themes like Industry 4.0, big data and automation and turned them into pragmatic solutions.

Tim Sowa
Capability Acquisition Leader, Aerospace Transmission Technologies

Profound knowledge of mechanical manufacturing for the manufacture of gears and strong skills in the organization of work and in the continuous improvement of processes.

Ezio Dadone
Gears & Special processes Business Leader, Avio Aero - a GE Aviation Business

Nicola has an excellent background in gear manufacturing and manufacturing engineering based on hands on manufacturing engineering experience as well as management of R&T projects

Dr. Gregor Kappmeyer
Fellow, Rolls-Royce Deutschland