Introduction to the Smart Factory and practical tips for its implementation

The Smart Factory

What is a Smart Factory?

The Smart Factory can be defined as a factory designed on the basis of the following characteristics:

  1. is able to facilitate the launch of new products based on market dynamics
  2. It is scalable enough to meet the changing demand for existing products
  3. Has real-time analytics to minimize downtime and improve efficiency

The objective of the Smart Factory is to improve the competitiveness of companies thanks to the help of the new technologies of Industry 4.0 by increasing the level of automation, autonomy and flexibility of the production system.

This book is aimed at all professionals, in particular managers and production engineers who work in manufacturing companies and who want to get some ideas and start with a concrete approach a path to implement a Smart Factory. In this sense it is important to underline that the barriers are more cultural than technological. In fact, technology exists and is already available at all levels: what is lacking instead is a medium-long term vision and the will to undertake a path, certainly complex, which however can lead to important competitive advantages, especially in the globalized market of work.


The book is divided into 8 short chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems: automation is not enough
  • Chapter 2 – The key technologies
  • Chapter 3 – Lean Production and Industry 4.0
  • Chapter 4 – Designing the Smart Factory
  • Chapter 5 – Required Management Skills
  • Chapter 6 – Associated Risks and challenges
  • Chapter 7 – Examples of Smart Factories
  • Chapter 8 – Practical tips

Where to buy?

The book is available in different formats:

  • pdf, available on the catalogue of our elearning platform SkillS4i 
  • ebook e paper format, available on Amazon

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