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the 5 stages of project management

The 5 stages of Project Management

In this Infographic, a quick overview of the 5 stages of Project Management is provided.

the 9 key technologies of Industry 4.0

The 9 key Technologies of Industry 4.0

This infographic will help you to visualize the 9 key technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The generic New Process Development

The generic New Product Development process

The Generic New Process development will help you in the definition of a structured approach.


5 reasons to choose E-Learning

Check out how you can get benefits from E-Learning, don’t miss any opportunity and download our infographic to learn more!

Startup Lifecycle

The 6 phases of a Startup Life Cycle

Starting a new innovative business? Learn what the 6 phases of a Startup Life Cycle are.  

Manufacturing Readiness Level

Manufacturing Readiness Level

How to assess the maturity of a given technology from a Manufacturing Perspective? Use the Manufacturing Readiness Level approach!   

Evolution of production systems

Evolution of production systems

Check out how our production systems evolved over time, download our infographic to learn more!

what are the contributing factors for product development improvement

The contributing factors for Product Development Improvement

Download our infographic!

The 8 stage process of creating major change

The 8-Stage process of creating major change

Prof. John P. Kotter developed this process to create major change.

The 6 Pillars of Smart Factory

Key takeaways to implement a Smart Factory

The five skills of innovators

The 5 skills of Innovators

Innovation can be learned. Check out the 5 skills to be developed!

The 7 SkillS of leadership

The 7 skills of Leadership

Check out the 7 core Leadership Skills to be developed!