Industry 4.0 webinar bootcamp (1)

The concept of Industry 4.0 appeared for the first time in an article published in November 2011 by the German government that resulted from an initiative regarding high-tech strategy for 2020.

The Industry 4.0 Webinar Bootcamp | Fall Edition consists of a series of Webinars to introduce fundamental concept of Industry 4.0 and how manufacturing organizations can get benefit from it.

Each Day, 2 Webinars in English and 1 in Italian will be provided to allow people the best flexibility possible:

  • 10 AM Madrid Time (GMT+2) – English
  •   2 PM Madrid Time (GMT+2) – Italian
  •   6 PM Madrid Time (GMT+2) – English

For additional information about the Bootcamp, you can subscribe to one of our free webinars on the 24th of October:


  • I introduce myself
  • The Program
  • The 9 key technologies
  • Structure of Webinar Sessions
  • Quiz
  • Registration
  • A gift for you!
  • Q&A
  •   5 Nov: What is Industry 4.0?
  •   7 Nov: Additive Manufacturing
  • 12 Nov: Internet of Things
  • 14 Nov: Cloud Computing
  • 26 Nov: Simulation
  • 27 Nov: Big Data Analytics
  •   3 Dec: Virtual Reality
  •   5 Dec: Augmented Reality
  • 10 Dec: Autonomous Robots
  • 12 Dec: Horizontal & Vertical Systems IT Integration
  • 17 Dec: Cyber-Security
  • 19 Dec: Impact of Industry 4.0

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