Consulting is more than giving advice. Accialini Consulting services can be divided into 4 main categories:

  • provide information to a client
  • solving a client´s problem
  • making a diagnosis and recommendations
  • assist with the implementation of a recommended solution

Online consulting offers a substantial cost saving as the client doesn´t have additional cost like transportation and accommodation. Moreover, remote support guarantee higher reactivity to client´s needs, as it can be guaranteed and planned ideally in few hours if required.

Examples of remote consulting include:

  • Management activities, like Risk Management and Project Planning;
  • Giving advice and provide information on specific needs;
  • Data analysis, including cost, capability and capacity analysis;
  • Method definition, like manufacturing and assembly routes;
  • New Technology Assessment;
  • Workshops definition like idea generation, root cause analysis, concept selection.

For specific needs, on-site consulting is still the best option. This mainly includes shop floor visits to collect data and understand client´s problems. Another reason to request on site support is because a more traditional and high interactivity approach is preferred. Accialini Training & Consulting is available to fulfill client´s expectations and therefore provide the best assistance.

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