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Green Factory


Learn how to enable a more sustainable factory with new technologies

Industry 4.0 Network


Seeking or offering a smart solution?

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SkillS4i is our elearning platform to spread industrial knowledge worldwide!

Agile Manufacturing

Agile Manufacturing is the future trend of production systems to enable mass customization.

Agile Manufacturing implies a systematic use of:

innovation and technology

Innovation & Technology

We support organizations to innovate and introduce new technologies


Lean and Operational Excellence

Lean & Operational Excellence

We help you to develop a culture of excellence thorughout Lean Six Sigma, Leadership Development and more

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 & Smart Factory

We identify and implement smart solutions to boost your competitiveness



Face to face, webinars, on demand

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Online, on site

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Knowledge as a Service (KaaS)

Want to get new knowledge or to implement a proper Knowledge Management System?

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The Council for Six Sigma Certification

Want to become a Lean Six Sigma expert?

We are an internationally certified training provider!

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Do you know how to track and monitor your critical assets, indoor and outdoor?

Learn the importance of implementing Real Time Locating Systems in your organization.

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RTLS tracking solution
leadership mountain

The PowerSkills ON Leadership Development Programme is designed to prepare leaders and instruct them on how to adjust their sail. Positioning leadership as a reflective practice requiring continuous self-development, this programme is structured around 7 core skills that will help you grow into a better leader..

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If you are offering or seeking new technologies for your organizations, then join our Industry 4.0 Network!

We have a network of more 200 solutions providers for all 4.0 technologies.

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pilot projects rocket

Pilot projects, also known as Proof of Concept, are the best way to introduce new solutions in your organization reducing the associated risks. Have a look at some turnkey pilot projects we can offer that might fit to your needs.

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Production systems

Manufacturing Readiness Level

The MRL framework can be used in general industry assessments or for more specific application in assessing internal capabilities or capabilities of possible suppliers.

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Readiness AssessmentsWhat is your Readiness Level?
Find your capability gaps and tackle them!

Smart Solutions

Smart Factory Readiness Level

The SIRI Framework covers the 3 core building blocks (Process, Technology, and Organisation) critical to achieving future-ready facilities, and the Assessment Matrix tool is designed to strike a balance between technical rigour and practical applicability.

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