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Accialini Training & Consulting aims to provide support to manufacturing organizations in the areas of New Product Development, Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing Engineering. Supported by several years of experience in leading aerospace companies and by a strong passion for innovation in manufacturing, ATC is a reliable and trustworthy partner to increase your chance of success in your projects.


Do you want to increase your chance of success when you develop new products?

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Would you like to implement new technologies to improve your processes but don´t know how?

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Do you need additional support to fulfill your company and customer expectations?

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E-Learning offers several benefits compared to traditional solutions. Visit our platform to find out more.

Virtual class

Learn from home or from your own office and attend your classes online. Check out our events!

Face to face

Do you prefer a traditional approach? Contact me to arrange a training session at your site.


Online support is often the best solution: more affordable, higher responsiveness. Make an appointment today!


Need support on the field? On-site workshops are sometimes the best choice to meet your needs. Contact me now!


Need custom-made support for your projects? Check out our services, we can adjust them to meet your special needs.


Success in new products

Companies who adopt a structured approach have a better chance of success.

Increase productivity

Implementing Industry 4.0 technologies will increase your productivity.

High payback

Cost reduction and higher capacity are just some of the main benefits of Industry 4.0.

Shorter time to market

The Product Development phase  is shorter when NPD tools are used.

Improve product quality

New Product Development  as well as Industry 4.0 tools help to boost quality.

Increase competitiveness

The development of new skills increases your competitiveness in the market.


Customer focus

Focus on clients and satisfying their needs is our primary ambition.


Innovation is a key element to stay competitive in today’s business world.


Modern business needs to adapt fast to new upcoming scenarios.

Details matter

Details make a world of difference.

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