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Accialini Consulting is an Agile Manufacturing consultant service to support manufacturing companies in defining and implementing strategies, methods and technological solutions to improve their competitiveness, resilience and sustainability in the global market.

We believe in a future in which repetitive and alienating work is delegated to technology, while the added value is provided by the human element. Work smarter, not harder.

For this reason, Agile Manufacturing represents the reference paradigm of the production systems of the future, thanks to which the mass customization of products is enabled to best meet the individual needs of the customer, at the same time reducing production costs and improving the overall quality of products and services.

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Nicola Accialini - Senior Consultant

Agile Manufacturing

We realized that the true problem, the true difficulty, and where the greatest potential is – is building the machine that makes the machine. In other words, it’s building the factory. I’m really thinking of the factory like a product. […] I actually think that the potential for improvement in the machine that makes the machine is a factor of ten greater than the potential on the car side.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

Agile Manufacturing is the future trend to enable more adaptive, resilient and sustainable production systems.

Agile Manufacturing implies a systematic use of:

innovation and technology

Innovation & Technology

pilot projects rocket

Flexibility & Modularity

Lean and Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

Digital Transformation

More Adaptive, Resilient and Sustainable factories!



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Lean and Agile Manufacturing


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knowledge as a service

Knowledge as a Service

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Where to start?

We help you to start your Agile Manufacturing journey by following these 3 steps:

1. Agility Assessment

How Agile is your Manufacturing Method? We help you to assess your agility level with our Agility Assessment Tool

2. Agility Gaps

Discover your weaknesses and fill in the gaps to implement a more Agile Manufacturing System  

3. Agile Roadmap

Take actions! We help you to identify pilot projects and to implement an Agile Manufacturing Roadmap  

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